10 parties to participate in Tunisia government

Tunisia prime minister-designate, Elyes Fakhfakh, confirmed that the participating parliament parties will approve his government’s program next Saturday.

This came in a press conference held by Fakhfakh in Carthage, where he indicated that ten parties expressed their willingness to participate in the government that will be formed.

The parties are: Ennahda Movement (54 out of 217 seats in Parliament), the Democratic Current (social-democratic, 22 members of Parliament (MPs)), the Dignity Coalition (revolutionary, 18 MPs), the People’s Movement (Nasseri, 15 MPs), Tahya Tounes (liberal, 14 MPs), Machrouu Tounes (Liberal, four MPs), the Republican People’s Union (centrist, two MP deputies), Nidaa Tounes (Liberal, three MPs), the Tunisian Alternative (Liberal, three MPs) and Afek Tounes (Liberal, two MPs).

Fakhfakh also stressed that the priorities of his government focus on clearing the political climate, completing constitutional institutions, combating corruption as well as good governance.

Fakhfakh pointed out that he will start the preparation of the government formation next week.

He explained that his project: “Is aimed at building Tunisia and not only forming a government.”

Source: Middle East Monitor

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