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350 British troops to be deployed in Poland

by Anadolu Agency

The British government on Monday announced the deployment of 350 additional troops to Poland to bolster NATO’s eastern defenses amid rising tensions with Russia.

At a press conference with his Polish counterpart Mariusz Blaszczak, Defense Minister Ben Wallace stressed the UK’s support for the Polish government in the face of increasingly aggressive Russian military posturing.

“In that spirit of solidarity and helping share each other’s challenges of resiliences we will add to those 100 Royal Engineers by sending a further 350 British troops to Poland in a bilateral deployment to show that we can work together and send a strong signal that Britain and Poland stand side by side,” he said.

Blaszczak expressed gratitude for the reinforcements, saying they will “cooperate with the Polish armed forces on increasing the security especially against the threat on the border.”

The 100 troops already in Poland were deployed there to aid in the migrant crisis of recent years.

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