#AfricaTogether digital campaign kicks off

Africa News – There are over 160, 000 cases of covid 19 in Africa and nearly 5000 deaths. As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread on the continent, governments and institutions rally round to stop its spread and potential damage to a continent with fragile health systems.

The latest action in this regard is that of Facebook and the International Red Cross and the Red Crescent Movement. Today they launch #AfricaTogether. A digital awareness campaign to include performances by artists such as Ayo, Femi Kuti, Ferre Gola, Salatiel, Serge Beynaud, Youssou N’Dour among others, as well as prevention messages developed with health experts from the Red Cross and Red Crescent.

They simultaneously target Facebook users in 48 countries across sub-Saharan Africa. The event will be streamed on Facebook Live, presented in English on June 4 by Nigerian popular actor and comedian Basketmouth, and in French on June 5 by media personality Claudy Siar.

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