Air raid sirens heard in northern Kosovo

Air raid sirens were heard in Mitrovica in northern Kosovo on Sunday afternoon, with reports by local media indicating that a large presence of emergency vehicles was seen throughout the area, APA reports citing The Jerusalem Post.

The sirens were stopped after three hours, according to local reports.

Kosovo Police announced on Sunday evening that they had closed the Bernjak and Jarinje border crossings to traffic due to roadblocks set up on these roads. The roadblocks were reportedly set up by local Serbs who were protesting measures set to be put in place by Kosovo overnight. Other border crossings are working as normal according to police.

Later in the evening, police reported that shots were fired towards them in multiple locations. No injuries were reported.

“It is known that the Serbs have always gathered when they heard the sirens, because this has always meant a response to some danger. It was unexpected, but somehow expected. We have gathered in protest against the Kurti Government’s decisions regarding IDs and license plates,” a Serbian protester in the village of Rudare told Radio Free Europe.

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