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At least 60 protests killed in Sudan since last October

by Middle East Monitor

Three people were killed Thursday in Sudan in protests against military rule in various parts of the country, said the Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors (CCSD) and reported by Anadolu News Agency.

In a statement, the group said the three people were killed in protests held in the cities of Omdurman and Bahri, both near the capital, Khartoum, after security forces opened fire at protesters there.

This brings the number of protesters killed since the eruption of anti-military protests last October to 60, it added.

Nationwide protests again erupted in Khartoum and other cities, three days after the Sunday resignation of Prime Minister, Abdalla Hamdok.

In Bashdar, central Khartoum, thousands of protesters assembled from various neighbourhoods chanted slogans against the October military coup and demanded the restoration of civilian rule in the country.

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