Chancellor Scholz: European Union should modernize its structures and processes of decision

by teleSUR

Olaf Scholz, the German Chancellor, urged Sunday to the EU to renew its structures and processes regarding decision-making. The top official also said that this thought should accompany the readiness for further expansion.

“The European Union must get prepared for the expansion. For these ends, it should modernize its structures and processes of decision,” he told the German news agency DPA. “It will not always be possible to pass unanimous decisions on issues requiring solution today. And we will discuss that at the EU summit along with many other topics.”

Scholz highlighted the importance of guaranteeing concrete solutions in the admission scenario of countries that were granted candidate status twenty years ago. “Otherwise, it may look like this status means nothing,” he noted.

The statements were made concerning the recommendation made by the European Commission to the European Council. The suggestion was based on granting the status of a candidate for European Union membership to Ukraine and Moldova. This action would postpone the same for Georgia.

The final decision is yet to be made at the Brussels summit, scheduled for June 23-24, where the EU heads of state and government will decide.

Should be granted the candidate status for Ukraine and Moldova, they will have to establish a set of reforms before launching the admission process.

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