E-Conclave Corona Series: Dictatorships not more effective in handling emergency, says Yuval Noah Harari

World-renowned historian Yuval Noah Harari believes that dictatorships aren’t more effective than democracies to fight emergencies like the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking at a session of India Today’s E-Conclave Corona series on Tuesday, Yuval Noah Harari said at a time of crisis, many dream about a powerful leader who would help them fight an emergency like coronavirus but this idea is dangerous.

“because such a big leader will not leave once the crisis is over. There is always a new emergency coming,” renowned Israeli historian and author Yuval Noah Harari said when asked about the danger of the present coronavirus crisis leading to a “big government”.

Yuval Noah Harari added that at a time when the world is facing an emergency, dictatorships are not more effective than democracies. “People imagine that dictatorships are better because they can make decisions faster. But the problem is if this one man [the leader] took a wrong decision, usually he will never admit it. He will blame others and ask for even more power to deal with the others,” Yuval Noah Harari said at the e-conclave.

Yuval Noah Harari highlighted how in a democracy decision-making is not limited to one person. Citing an example of China, Yuval Noah Harari said, “In China, an authoritarian regime dealt with the crisis relatively effectively, but so did South Korea, Taiwan, New Zealand, which are democracies.”

Yuval Noah Harari noted how according to some measures, countries like South Korea and New Zealand actually dealt with the coronavirus crisis better than China without becoming dictatorships.

Source: India Today

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