Ethiopian Prime Minister Orders Military Response to Tigray Attack

By Kizzi Asala with AFP /Africa News/ -Ethiopia declared a state of emergency on Wednesday following a deadly attack by the Tigray ruling party on a federal troop camp. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has ordered a military response.

The Prime Minister stated in his public address to the country, “My dear people. Today the apostate Ethiopian has stabbed Ethiopia. What makes this attack one of the most shocking attacks is that Tigray People’s Liberation Front TPLF is viewing the Ethiopian National Defence Forces as a foreign army rather than an army that has been protecting the people of Tigray for more than twenty years.”

Ahmed also declared that Ethiopians should unite in light of the ongoing tensions between the Tigray region and the rest of the country. It was not immediately clear what form the federal military response might take, or what the state of emergency will actually entail.

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