Five civilians, including a child, killed in Saudi-led coalition airstrike on Yemen

by teleSUR

In northeast Yemen, five civilians, including a child, died due to the airstrike by the Saudi-led coalition in the Bayhan district. The coalition targeted a car with a father and 2 of his sons were killed, in addition to the other two passengers.

According to the official SABA news agency in Sanaa, “the Saudi aggression’s warplanes targeted a car of a Yemeni citizen on the main road in the Harib District of Marib, which led to him and two of his sons’ deaths, in addition to two others who were in the car.”

The number of casualties reached 23 during another massacre committed by the Saudi-led coalition warplanes in the middle of the night in the Al-Libi residential neighborhood in Sanaa. Al Mayadeen news agency indicated that an entire family was killed after an attack targetted the house of a retired pilot brigadier general in the neighborhood.

Al Mayadeen that the coalition events private ambulance and emergency teams from reaching the neighborhood, resulting in the rise of casualties, given that people are trapped and struggling under the rubble. On Monday, the Spokesperson for the Yemeni Armed Forces, Brigadier-General Yahya Saree, explained in a statement the context in which the armed forces’ operation hit the depth of the Emirates today.

“We carried out a qualitative military operation, Yemen Hurricane, in response to the escalation of aggression against the country,” Saree said in the statement.

The statements came after the announcement of the Abu Dhabi police about the death of a Pakistani citizen, two others of Indians, and six others injured, resulting from the explosion and fires in the capital on Monday.

Earlier on Monday, the Yemeni Armed Forces announced that they carried out a “qualitative operation in the depth of the Emirates,” after the previous threats of the armed forces on targeting the cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai and dozens of other targets in the Emirates in 2019.

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