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Five people killed and several injured in clash in Syrian Daraa

by Middle East Monitor

Five people were killed and 15 others wounded during an exchange of fire yesterday between Syrian regime forces and opposition fighters in the southwestern city of Daraa.

Local media reported that Syrian regime shelling had left one dead, while the opposition fighters’ had killed four Syrian soldiers and injured 15 others.

A regime source was quoted as saying that Russian forces were holding “talks with representatives of clans and dignitaries from Daraa governorate to discuss ending the military escalation in the city.”

The source added that the Syrian forces had fired “hundreds of rocket-propelled grenades towards Daraa Al-Balad,” pointing out that the attacks had left dozens of civilians dead and wounded.

“The regime forces are responsible for the escalation in Daraa,” the source stressed, noting that the troops were “pushing for an offensive to force opposition groups to surrender.”

Middle East Monitor
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