French-based Lafarge informed France’s intelligence on relations with Daesh

by Daily Sabah

While the French Supreme Court said Tuesday that the French-based cement giant Lafarge should face investigation on a charge of complicity in crimes against humanity in Syria, overturning a previous ruling, newly discovered documents reveal that the company informed France’s intelligence services about their relations with the Daesh terrorist group in Syria and that these relations were conducted within the knowledge of French state institutions and officials.

Documents belonging to French official institutions obtained by the Anadolu Agency (AA) also exposed that the French intelligence agencies, who used Lafarge’s network of relations to get news from the region in order to cooperate with terrorist organizations in Syria and to carry out their activities, did not warn the company that what they did was a crime.

Lafarge was investigated on charges of “participating in crimes against humanity” on the grounds that it paid Daesh to carry out its activities in Syria.

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