Situation in Syria and Iraq

Gas leak caused an explosion in Iraq’s city of Sulaymaniyah

by Tasnim News

Several injuries were reported as a gas leak caused an explosion in the city of Sulaymaniyah in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

Iraqi emergency personnel responded to an explosion at a cafe on Salim Street in Sulaymaniyah in the early hours of Thursday.

Increased security measures were seen near the affected area as the authorities investigated the incident.

Local transport and business disruptions will probably continue through the afternoon.

A source from Shar Hospital in Sulaymaniyah confirmed that 13 injured people arrived at the hospital in stable condition, with the exception of two of them, who had a head injury, and they were placed under intensive care.

Eyewitness told media that the explosion occurred after twelve o’clock in the morning on Thursday, and after the arrival of the civil defense teams, it became clear that the cause of the accident was the explosion of gas cylinders inside the cafe.

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