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Gaza launches Journalism Square in front of the destroyed Al-Jawhara Tower

Middle East Monitor – The Palestinian Media Forum launched ‘Sahafa Square’ (Journalism Square) in Gaza today in front of the destroyed Al-Jawhara Tower which housed media companies, in honour of journalists whose work has been affected by the Israeli aggression.

The initiative was launched in cooperation with the Gaza Municipality, Mayor of Gaza, Yahya Al-Sarraj, said: “We were with you in the war, and we will continue to march with you, and this square comes in honour of the sacrifices of martyrs and journalists who were the target of aggression.”

The nine-storey Al-Jawhara Tower on Al-Jalaa Street was damaged in an Israeli attack on the Strip on 12 May during the occupation’s 11-day attack on the enclave.

“We chose the destroyed Al-Jawhara Tower to be a witness to the occupation’s crimes against journalists, especially since it included dozens of media headquarters, as well as not far from the Al-Jalaa and Al-Shorouk Towers, which were completely destroyed.”

The head of the Media Forum, Dr. Khader Al-Jamali, said: “This location is the intersection of Al-Wahda Street with Al-Jalaa, and in front of the Al-Jawhara Tower, which was bombed by the occupation’s warplanes, not far from the Al-Jalaa Tower that was flattened, but this place remained a witness to the work of journalists, their pens that do not dry up, their cameras that do not soften as their will, and their voices which are not silenced.”

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