IPE Club “Dialectical Dialogues” with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus – Prof. Dr. Kudret Özersay

Conceptualization and Definition of Cyprus Issue: Cyprus Issue, Cyprus Problem or a Frozen Conflict?


“Dialectical Dialogues” – is the heading for the series of interviews and debates under the umbrella of IPE Club. The main aim of these interviews is to discuss, analyze, and understand the major multidisciplinary issues and events.

“The Cyprus Issue from Different Lenses” is the first series of interviews within “Dialectical Dialogues”.

The “Cyprus Dispute”, “Cyprus Conflict”, “Cyprus Question” – these are some of many determinations of this over 50-years political matter.

The first series aim to meet the awoken interest of academia and politicians in Cyprus Issue. It is important for us to shed the light on it from the firsthand and in the best way. We will talk to several important actors who are or were part of the Cyprus Issue historical line and ask their views and opinion on the facts.

The first series of interviews were held with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of TRNC – Prof. Dr. Kudret Özersay, who brought to the agenda the important question of Varosha City and shared his definition of the “Cyprus Issue”.

*The heading “Dialectical Dialogue” reflects the philosophy of IPE Club and summarized by IPE Club Founder Arash Sharghi as “To Dialectic through Dialogue”. It outlines the basic principles of the research-based platform including the knowledge mining and knowledge engineering with the aim to obtain the meta-data and/or “big data” related to our focal points.


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