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Iran and China trade capacity could reach $60 billion


Head of Iran-China Chamber of Commerce Majidreza Hariri said that trading between the two countries stood at an annual 60 billion dollars before the US sanctions against Iran, stressing that the figure could be easily achieved again if the US sanction are removed.

As one of the world’s leading economies, China has been a main trade partner of Iran in the last 4 decades and has topped the list of foreign trade partners of Iran, maintaining a good economic relationship, the official noted.

The 10-year trade capacity between Iran and China was announced 600 billion dollars in 2016 which means 60 billion dollars on a yearly basis, Hariri said.

He said that the number could be easily achieved once the US sanctions were lifted which would lead to removal of trade barriers between Iran and China.

Iran-China trade ties will not be affected by administration change or political conditions in Iran, Hariri noted, adding that the trade between the two countries have always kept an increasing pace and Beijing was Iran’s first trade partner in the last decade, despite many hurdles in their path.

In the first quarter of the Persian year (March 10-June 10), Iran exported 7.1 tons of goods worth 3.1 billion dollars to China and imported 683,000 tons of goods worth 2.2 billion dollars.

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