Iranian President Raisi submitted draft budget for the next fiscal year

by Tasnım News

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi submitted the draft budget for the next Iranian fiscal year (beginning March 21, 2022) to the Parliament on Sunday.

The president attended an open session of the parliament on Sunday morning and presented the budget bill drafted by his administration.

Briefing the lawmakers on the country’s economic conditions, the president asked the MPs to review the budget bill with careful scrutiny to make it more effectual in addressing the problems.

Raisi also said the administration has set a target of 8 percent economic growth for next year, explaining that 3.5 percent should be provided by increased productivity and the other 4.5 percent through enhanced investment.

Deploring the uneven distribution of capacities and resources in the country, the president emphasized that the budget must ensure fairness and justice for balanced development in all sectors.

According to the internal regulations of the Iranian Parliament, the administration should present the annual budget bill to the parliament in December each year.

It is submitted by the president to the legislature for review and approval.

Once the parliamentarians endorse the government’s proposed budget bill, it will go to the Constitutional Council for ratification before becoming law.

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