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Israel and Morocco inked science cooperation agreement

by Middle East Monitor

Israel and Morocco signed an agreement yesterday to cooperate in science and technology projects, reported the Jerusalem Post.

The Israeli Innovation, Science and Technology Minister Orit Farkash-Hacohen issued a statement celebrating the first agreement of its kind between the two countries, which will see the collaboration in several fields including artificial intelligence, agricultural technologies, water management, and water desalination.

During the event’s opening ceremony, Farkash-Hacohen announced: “Governments sign agreements, but people make peace. I am thankful for the honour of coming to Morocco following the Abraham Accords and signing an important cooperation agreement between our two countries.”

“Together we will work to advance challenges in the fields of space, renewable energy, water technologies, transportation, science, environment and health. Israeli high tech and science are strategic assets of Israel’s foreign relations. Thank you very much to the minister of research and innovation of Morocco for the joint work.”It will also oversee the implementation of food processing technologies, development of biotechnologies, renewable and clean energies, medical and pharmaceutical industries, smart cities and the automotive industry, information technology and innovation in space.

This comes after Israel agreed to establish a joint research and development fund with the UAE to help reinforce common interests, including trade, technology, energy, and climate challenges, earlier this year.”

Adapting to the rapidly changing and unpredictable globalised world requires rooted skills invarious fields,” said Moroccan Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation Minister Abdellatif Miraoui. The deal, the minister added, “will enable us to foster the cooperation between our universities, whether, through joint-scientific research programs, mutual students exchange programs or the sharing of best practices. I am fully convinced that this partnership will open up broader opportunities ahead.”Morocco agreed to normalise ties with the occupation state in December 2020 in return for the US’ recognition of its sovereignty over the Western Sahara. The move was slammed by Palestinians who said it goes against previously agreed Arab positions on the occupation.

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