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Joint Russia-Algeria Desert Shield 2022 military drills to be held in November

by Middle East Monitor

The press service of the Russian Southern Military District announced on Tuesday that joint Russia-Algeria anti-terrorism exercises, called Desert Shield 2022, will be held in Algeria for the first time. The exercises are scheduled to be held in November.

According to the Russian news agency TASS, the training will take place at the Hammaguir testing ground in Algeria.

The press service indicated that the exercises will include 80 Russian soldiers from the motor rifle units stationed in the North Caucasus, and 80 Algerian soldiers. The troops will practice searching for, detecting and eliminating terrorist groups in a desert setting.

The first joint Russian-Algerian exercises were held in North Ossetia in October 2021, with the participation of 200 soldiers.

The 2022 schedule of the Russian Southern Military District includes joint exercises with the armed forces of Egypt, Kazakhstan and Pakistan.

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