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Latvia to ban natural gas supplies from Russia in 2023

by APA

On Thursday, July 14, the Saeima supported amendments to the Energy Law, which provides for the diversification of natural gas supply routes and the provision of strategic reserves for natural gas, as well as the ban on Russian gas supplies, informed Parliament, APA reports citing Delfi.

The Law requires the joint natural gas transmission and storage operator to provide the infrastructure that limits supply risks and the obligation to build strategic reserves for natural gas. No later than 31 August of each year, the amount of natural gas required for the consumption of related users for the period from 1 October of that year to 30 April of the following year shall be stored in the underground gas storage of Inchualna.

The law also provides for a ban on natural-gas supply from Russia.

“The strategic reserves of gas should be provided to the extent that supply protection is possible not only for protected users but for the winter season, to ensure the capacity of the electricity base for the production of electricity in power plants”, said Chairman of the National Economy, Agricultural, Environmental and Regional Policy Commission, Krišjānis Feldmanis (Conservatives).

The draft law also requires the Cabinet to submit a report on a national nuclear energy program to the Saeima by 31 December 2023.

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