Situation in Libya

Libya’s east-based administration threatens to introduce oil blockade

by Middle East Monitor

The head of Libya’s east-based administration threatened, Saturday, to block oil and gas exports from territory under its control, claiming the UN-recognised government in Tripoli was wasting energy revenues, Reuters reports.

According to the report, the head of Libya’s east-based administration, Oussama Hamad, said in a statement that he had “frozen” 2022 oil revenues “equivalent to more than 130 billion dinars (around $27 billion)”, as a first step.

The east-based government, which does not recognise the authority of the Government of National Unity based in Tripoli, is ready for more steps, including an oil blockade, and would seek a legal ruling, Hamad said.

“We are ready to raise the red flag, stop … the export of oil and gas and declare force majeure,” said Hamad, who was appointed in May by the east-based Parliament.

Middle East Monitor
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