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Maria Zakharova: We are ready to negotiate, but strictly on an equal footing

by teleSUR

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, on Saturday, said that Russia is ready for a dialogue with the United States, but only on an equal and mutual basis, for which Washington shows no readiness.

“We are not avoiding dialogue and are ready to negotiate, but strictly on an equal footing, but the signs in Washington are not visible even with a magnifying glass,” she specified.

According to Zakharova, “in the face of hypocritical arguments about the need to maintain a diplomatic presence,” the United States is doing everything possible to further complicate the functioning of Russian agencies.

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry again urged Washington to think about the consequences.

Zakharova gave a chronology of the White House’s aggressive actions against the Russian diplomatic presence, stating that U.S. representatives at various levels are trying to absolve themselves of responsibility for the state of relations between Moscow and Washington

“Apparently, in Washington it is considered normal to expel Russian diplomats for fictitious reasons, take other people’s property and, in short, steal it, close our diplomatic missions and then hypocritically wonder why the “bold Russians” pay in kind, damaging American diplomatic missions in Russia.”

It is time for Washington to learn that any hostile step will be followed by a reaction that will be painful in any case, Zakharova stressed.

In this context, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stressed Friday that the West makes no secret that its current political goals are “to strangle and destroy the Russian economy and Russia as a whole” as part of its efforts to establish a “unipolar world.”

He also pointed out that its intimidation, accompanied by an unprecedented wave of sanctions, has exposed that the values that this bloc “constantly preaches”, such as freedom of speech, market economy and presumption of innocence, “are worthless”.

The head of Russian diplomacy emphasized that “total war” was a term “used by Hitler’s Germany” and “is now expressed by many European politicians when they talk about what they want to do with the Russian Federation”.

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