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President Biden’s approval rating fallen to 39%, lowest since he took the office

by Vestnik Kavkaza

U.S. President Joe Biden’s approval rating has fallen to 39%, the lowest figure since he took the office, according to a poll conducted by NBC News.

56% of respondents said they are not satisfied with the policies of the administration in general. The majority of interviewees, 75%, said the “country is headed in the wrong direction.”

Biden’s pandemic response gained the support of 59% of Americans, but his economic performance saw an approval rating of 33%, and his handling of inflation and the cost of living was approved by 23% of respondents. 41% of respondents said they are satisfied with the measures taken on the situation in Ukraine.

Biden’s current poll numbers are identical to his predecessor Donald Trump’s at the same point in his presidency, according to an earlier poll conducted by Monmouth University. In March, Trump claimed that Biden’s approval ratings were overstated, as the political and economic situation in the country is deteriorating due to Democrats’ policies.

The poll data comes amid including rising inflation in the US, caused largely by supply chain difficulties, attributed by the Biden administration in part to the situation in Ukraine and lingering COVID-19 pandemic recovery. In no hurry to take responsibility for the negative phenomena in the economy, Biden has repeatedly blamed Russian president Vladimir Putin for all the troubles that have fallen on the United States over the past several months.

Vestnik Kavkaza
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