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President Putin announces plans for 2024 presidential run

by Sputnik Globe

Russians will go to the polls for presidential elections in March 2024, with the incumbent presently enjoying overwhelming public support, according to polling by a number of Russian public opinion institutes.
Vladimir Putin has announced plans to run for another term as president, making the announcement during an awards ceremony for soldiers participating in the special military operation in Ukraine.
Per a Sputnik correspondent on hand at the event, Putin announced his plans to run to Artyom Zhoga, chairman of the Donetsk People’s Republic’s People’s Council parliament, and commander of the 80th Separate Reconnaissance Guards Battalion Sparta.
“I won’t hide the fact that I’ve had different thoughts at different times. But right now, you are right. These are times when decisions must be made. I will run for the office of president,” Putin said.
Russia’s presidential elections will be held next March, and will include three days of voting, on March 15, 16 and 17.
A representative of ‘United Russia’, Russia’s ruling party, has expressed “unconditional support” for Putin’s candidacy after his announcement, and said it would do everything in its power to ensure his victory. Earlier, opposition party ‘A Just Russia’ announced plans to nominate Putin as its candidate. The Communist Party, whose candidate has come in second place behind Putin every election since 2000, plans to announce its candidate by December 23.

Putin, 71, served as Russia’s president for a total of four terms – from 2000-2008, and from 2012-present, and served as prime minister between 2008 and 2012 while current deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev was president. If he wins elections in 2024, he will be able to remain president until the year 2030, in accordance with six year term limits that went into effect in 2012.

Recent polling by leading Russian state-affiliated public opinion institutions suggests that Putin has overwhelming support among potential voters, with survey by the Public Opinion Foundation (FOM) finding that 70 percent of Russians want him to run again, while 15 percent believe he should step down as president but remain in the country’s leadership in some capacity. Separately, a poll by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) this week found that 78 percent of Russians plan to take part in next year’s vote.
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