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President Putin: “Militants with experience in waging war in Syria and Iraq are being drawn to Afghanistan”

by Kremlin

Vladimir Putin met, via videoconference, with delegation leaders at the 17th Meeting of Heads of Security Agencies and Intelligence Services from Member-countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

In his speech, President Putin draw special attention to the situation in Afghanistan:

“Neutralising potential threats emanating from Afghanistan is of particular importance for CIS security. We are well aware of the fact that developments in that country may have a strong impact on the state of affairs in Central Asia, the South Caucasus and other regions.

These issues were discussed in detail at the CSTO and the SCO summits in September. We will, of course, review these issues during the upcoming CIS summit as well.

The situation in Afghanistan is quite challenging, as you know. After the withdrawal of US troops, power passed into the hands of the Taliban, who are setting their own rules and regulations. However, a number of ISIS-associated international terrorist groups continue to operate in that country. Militants with experience in waging war in Syria and Iraq are being drawn there. So, it is possible that terrorists might try to destabilise the situation in neighbouring countries, including the CIS countries, and go as far as starting to expand outrightly.”

In this regards, President Putin pointed out that “it is important to constantly monitor the situation on the Afghan border and to be ready to counteract the militants”

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