President Raisi: A new world order is shaping up as the era of unilateralism has ended

by Tasnim News

A new world order is shaping up as the era of unilateralism has ended, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said, noting that such change benefits the developing countries.

During his official visit to Indonesia, Raisi held a meeting with Speaker of the People’s Consultative Assembly of Indonesia Bambang Soesatyo on Tuesday.

The Iranian president described Indonesia as an important country with a privileged position in Southeast Asia, and added, “Expanding relations between the two countries benefits the Islamic world and Muslims.”

Referring to the extensive measures taken by the domination system to create threats and impose sanctions on Iran, Raisi said, “The great nation of Iran, relying on Islam and faith in independence, not only did not give in to these pressures, but also made an opportunity out of these threats, which the progress is proof of the success of the Iranian nation in various fields.”

“The progress of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the fields of science and technology has placed Iran among the countries with advanced sciences such as space and nuclear sciences,” the president stated, his official website reported.

Raisi noted that the world order has taken a new form, and considered the period of unilateralism to be over and said, “With these changes, new powers will be formed in the world, which is in the interest of developing countries. Based on this, we believe that the oppressed people of Palestine, Yemen and Myanmar are very close to reaching their rights.”

For his part Soesatyo described the relations between the two countries as historical, and considered the development and deepening of the relations between Tehran and Jakarta to the benefit of the Islamic world.

He also expressed concern over the increase in violence against the oppressed people of Palestine and emphasized on their right to determine their own future.

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