Representative offices of all social media providers have been opened in Turkey

by Daily Sabah

All social media providers, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Amazon, have opened representative offices in Turkey, Chair of the Parliamentary Digital Media Commission and the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Deputy Hüseyin Yayman said Monday, marking a year since the country introduced new social media regulations.

“The point that our commission puts the most emphasis on is the physical presence of these representations in the coming period,” he said.

“As in Germany, France, England and the U.S., we believe that it is important for these social networks to be here physically as well as have a legal entity, in the context of developing a correspondence regarding the disputes here,” he noted.

In Turkey, there is a demand for social networks to be rearranged and standardized, he also said, adding that they will evaluate them more in the coming period.

The Turkish government has accelerated its efforts for a new social media regulation in light of online manipulations and disinformation.

The first step regarding social media policies was taken last year when social media providers were asked to open representative offices in Turkey. The new regulation will be a continuation of this initial step. The regulation will become law as soon as Parliament opens in October.

As efforts to develop a legal framework for social media gain pace, Turkey is also planning to open a social media directorate within the scope of the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK).

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