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Republican House members file impeachment articles against Biden

by Sputnik News

Four House Republicans have filed articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden over his handling of the situation with migrants on the nation’s southern border, efforts to extend the federal moratorium on evictions, and the US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. ​
Congressman Bob Gibbs is leading the effort, along with Andy Biggs, Brian Babin, and Randy Weber.
Gibbs said on his Facebook page that he had “filed three articles of impeachment against President Biden based on what I believe to be clear violations of his duties as president”.
According to the GOP lawmaker, the president’s “willful negligence of the border crisis is a failure to maintain and defend American sovereignty”.

“Biden’s attempts to extend a federal eviction moratorium despite the Supreme Court’s warning and his own admission that he has no power to do so is a blatant and intentional action that violates the separation of powers. Finally, the withdrawal from Afghanistan was not just a disaster. By pulling military personnel out before the evacuation of American civilians, President Biden shamefully left our own citizens in danger”, Gibbs argued.

He admitted that he doesn’t “take this step lightly”, adding “before the Afghanistan debacle, I urged my colleagues to consider a measured, thoughtful conversation on the merits of impeachment”.
The congressman also tweeted that “it’s clear” the 46th president is “not up to the job” and that “his entire administration is willing to thumb its nose at the Constitution”.

Gibbs acknowledged that an attempt to impeach Biden with Democrats having majorities in both houses of Congress would be difficult, noting: “Though [Speaker Nancy] Pelosi’s House will not hold POTUS accountable, it’s incumbent upon House Republicans to call out his egregious violations of his oath of office”.

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