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Russia bans entry to 62 Canada nationals

by teleSUR

As a retaliatory measure for the new extension of anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the Canadian government, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced Friday that 62 Canadian were forbidden to enter the Russian Federation.

“In response to yet another expansion of anti-Russian personal sanctions by Canada on June 27 and July 7, which this time covered Patriarch Kirill, in addition to officials, reporters and experts undesired for Ottawa, entry ban is being introduced in regards to 62 Canadian citizens,” said the announcement issued by the Russian Ministry.

According to the Russian FM, the list was made taking into account “the particularly hostile nature of the actions of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s ruling regime, which are carried out to insult not only the multi-ethnic and multi-faith people of Russia but also Christian Orthodox believers around the world, including Canada.”

The Ministry also considered “their malicious activity in the fight against the Russian world and traditional values.” The list of those Canadians who are permanently banned from entering the country was published on the Ministry’s website.

“In view of Canada’s ‘churning out more and more new Russophobic sanctions, Russia’s further retaliatory measures will be announced shortly,” highlighted the Russian Ministry.

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