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Russia unloaded number of landmines in northern Syria

by Middle East Monitor

Russian military vehicles have unloaded large numbers of anti-personnel and anti-tank mines in northern Syria’s countryside of Tal Rifaat, which is controlled by the YPG/PKK, Anadolu Agency reported on Friday.

Members of the YPG/PKK group, designated a terror group by Turkey, were seen planting the mines in northern Syria. This measure is allegedly being taken to strengthen the group’s presence in the region.

YPG/PKK members are laying landmines on the frontlines in the Tanab and Julbul regions in the west of the Tal Rifaat district of Aleppo, located 11 miles from the Turkish border.

Four Russian-made ZiL military vehicles delivered the mines, arriving early on Wednesday at Menagh Military Air Base.

Russian Novosti has reported that Turkey is preparing to launch two new military operations in Syria that could start at any moment without prior announcement.

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