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Russian Gazprom to reduce gas supplies via Nord Stream to 33 million cubic meters per day

by teleSUR

The Russian company Gazprom will reduce gas supplies through the Nord Stream gas pipeline to 33 million cubic meters per day from July 27 due to the need to give technical maintenance to a turbine at the Portovaya compressor station.

Until now, Russia had been supplying only 40 percent of the usual amount of gas as it awaited the return of one of its Siemens turbines, which remained blocked in Canada due to the EU sanctions. Regarding these measures, Gazprom denounced that several questions related to the repair of turbines persist given that the documentation provided by Canada and Germany does not eliminate the risks linked to the sanctions.

The Russian company has a capacity to supply up to 67 million cubic meters per day. In mid-June, however, it reduced supply to 33 percent due to the need to shut down a turbine for repairs.

Later, the company stopped pumping gas to carry out maintenance work. After a ten-day break that ended on July 21, Nord Stream started at 40 percent capacity, which will be cut in half starting Wednesday.

Regarding the announcement made by Gazprom, Germany said that the Russian company Gazprom has “no technical reasons” to reduce supply.

“We have taken note of the announcement. We are monitoring the situation very closely in close contact with the Federal Network Agency and the gas crisis team. According to our information there are no technical reasons for a reduction in shipments,” the German Economy Ministry said.

“Sanctions clearance requirements for the delivery of the turbine in question have been met. Canada has granted the waiver required by Canadian law. Under EU sanctions law, no waiver is required,” it explained in connection with the device delivered to Gazprom.

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