Rwandan military shot down DRC’s fighter jet violating its airspace

by Anadolu Agency

The Rwandan military shot at a fighter jet of the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) on Tuesday which had “violated Rwanda’s airspace.”

Witnesses in DR Congo’s town of Goma said they saw a plane flying low over the DR Congo-Rwanda western border from the town of Kitshanga in Congo’s Masisi territory before it was hit.

The aircraft managed to land at Goma airport near the border with Rwanda with a fire burning on its right wing, witnesses said, adding a fire-fighting truck intervened on the runway to prevent the plane from fully catching fire.

Congolese military sources said the Sukhoi-25 aircraft, after spotting the attack, triggered its missile defense system to neutralize the shelling.

A brief statement issued by the office of the Rwandan government spokesperson said the fighter jet from DR Congo had violated the country’s airspace.

“Today, Jan. 24 at 5:03 p.m., a Sukhoi-25 from Congo violated Rwanda’s airspace for the third time. Defensive measures were taken,” it said.

“Rwanda calls on the DRC to stop this aggression.”

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