Severe message from Algeria: ‘Syria must rejoin the Arab League’

Algerian President Abdelmajid Tebboune wants the upcoming Arab League summit, which he will lead, to bring about the return of Syria to the organisation. In addition, he hopes to restore balance to joint Arab action and end the hegemony of the Gulf States.

Algeria is regaining its pivotal role at the Arab and global scales as this role was frozen and cancelled for more than ten years due to the state of paralysis and powerlessness of the country’s previous leadership.

Algeria’s recovery at all levels indicates a strong return to diplomacy, which the joint Arab action lacked for so long, as the years of Gulf financial domination, in collusion with the United States’ complicity, have led to the destruction of the joint Arab project.

The regional pilgrimage of leaders, officials and ministers of Arab, regional and international states to the Algerian capital these days foreshadow an upcoming phase of change that will start this time from the Maghreb Union. It is expected that it will lead to positive breakthroughs in many thorny issues such as Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Palestine. Algeria’s people and leadership continues to support the Palestinian cause and considers it as the compass of Arab and Islamic dignity.

The visit of Algerian President Abdelmajid Tebboune to Riyadh was aimed at recovering the joint Arab action, reuniting the Arab states, shaking off the dust of neglect from the Arab League, and re-activating the Arab Summit. He also hoped to pump new blood into its frozen arteries and end the era of using the Arab League as a tool to for US plans, in Arab internal affairs and sowing the seeds of discord and civil wars.

Postponing the summit, by an Algerian decision, means that the next summit will be different, and will only take place with the presence of Syria, in order to correct a historical mistake committed in one of the worst stages of the Arab collapse, put an end to differences and eradicating the most dangerous virus that threatens this nation, which is the “virus” of unrest and dependence on the West, which is considered as the most lethal and dangerous.

Source: Middle East Monitor

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