Sunday Chanda, Let Your Government Choose Zambia And Zambians

By David Zulu

I hardly read Sunday Chanda’s often loopy statements, in line with the biblical principle of as much as possible acquainting myself with material that edify, build and lift me up than distract me from more important aspects of my life and that of other oppressed and disadvantaged citizens in Zambia.

The PF must not talk with a forked tongue. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Did President Edgar Lungu’s MPs choose Zambia when they used the arrogance of numbers by shooting the bursaries bill that was meant to help young students that come from some of Zambia’s most impoverished communities, when all their children literally migrate to Malaysia and Europe on expensive Government bursaries?

Did PF MPs choose Zambia when they withdrew the meal allowances from public universities that provide the nation the necessary and critical human resource required for its development, when beer for ministers is subsidized.

Did the PF choose Zambia when they opted to lavishly gift President Edgar Lungu with a multimillion dollar Gulfstream private jet inorder to provide him with enough legroom for his globetrotting escapades, when most schools in the remotest parts of rural Zambia have hard rocks for school desks.

Did PF choose Zambia when they chose to buy 42 second hand fire engines for a staggering US42 million, when Zambian farmers remain unpaid for their produce they supplied FRA last season?

Did the PF Government choose Zambia when they corruptly tripled the cost of the construction of the Lusaka Ndola dual carriageway, when most council workers around the country remain unpaid for half a year.

Did this government choose Zambia when they sent their Cabinet Minister to a very expensive private hospital in South Africa for a ‘POP’ procedure, a medical skill our UTH doctors are well acquainted with, when most hospitals in Zambia do not have enough bed space and essential drugs for poor patients who can’t afford prescription drugs in private chemists?

Is it choosing Zambia and Zambians when you deliberately cause unnecessary by elections at a huge cost to the tax payer, when most retirees remain unpaid for years and subsequently condemning some of them to their early deaths.

Was PF acting in the interest of Zambia when the state allowed Ministers to serve outside the life of parliament, at great expense to an overburdened treasury?

The obsession by PF against Hakainde Hichilema is not fooling anyone anymore, let them enquire from the intelligence community how Zambians feel about the PF party and its government. Then Bowman Lusambo, Mumbi Phiri, Amos Chanda, Sunday Chanda and the cloned, reincarnated and reconstructed Antonio Mwanza would not be wasting their foul breath on an innocent man.

Let them live up to their promises of ‘more money in people’s pockets’ than sending cadres to cruelly take away their livelihood by destroying homeshops (Tuntemba) in Chilenje.

Let them reduce taxes like they pledged instead of burdening people with more taxes for merely drinking water from their own boreholes, heaping them with toll gate fees on potholed unmaintened roads, when government officials and PF musicians take to the air in ZAF choppers.

UPND MPs and Hakainde Hichilema love and stand for Zambia and the interests of the Zambian youth, mothers and the elderly and indeed all citizens. PF must leave them do their job.



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