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Syria celebrates 76th anniversary of its independence

by teleSUR

The Syrian Arab Republic celebrated another anniversary of its independence, achieved after a long struggle that culminated with the departure of the last French soldier on April 17, 1946.

The president of this nation, Bashar al-Assad, received congratulatory messages from several heads of State, among them Russia, China, India, Iran, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia and Oman, in addition to a letter from Pope Francis from the Vatican.

In their letters, the leaders extended their heartfelt congratulations and wishes for progress and prosperity to the Syrian people, and expressed their support for Syria’s unity and sovereignty and their enthusiasm for continuing efforts to strengthen cooperative relations.

Thousands of young people also took part in a carnival through the main streets and squares of downtown Damascus, and then gathered in front of the governor’s office where an artistic and patriotic ceremony was held.

During the ceremony, the “National Document” was read out, in which the youth of this nation ratified their commitment to continue arming themselves with the values of independence and to contribute to the reconstruction and defense of the country against terrorism and the occupiers.

In the Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan, the inhabitants of the five localities under occupation gathered in Majdal Shams square where they carried flags and banners celebrating the anniversary of the departure of the French colonizers.

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