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Tensions grow in Paris amid nationwide protests against pension reform plan

by Anadolu Agency

Tensions rose occasionally in Paris on Wednesday during protests against the government’s pension reform plan.

Nationwide demonstrations began in France’s capital and other cities for the eighth time since January with thousands rejecting the plan, which triggered public outrage when it was announced last year.

Protests began earlier in cities such as Nantes and Bordeaux, while thousands started rallying in Paris in the afternoon, gathering at the historical Esplanade des Invalides Square, according to media reports.

In Paris, protesters threw projectiles at police officers who responded with force, according to daily Le Figaro.

Tensions also run high in Nantes, Rennes and Lyon, where police sprayed tear gas on violent groups who broke shops’ window and vandalized street furniture, it added.

Meanwhile, the nation’s political representatives continue to discuss the reform plan, local media reported.

A joint committee, comprising seven senators and seven members of parliament, gathered to discuss the draft bill.

The committee is in charge of finding a common ground between parliament and the Senate over the final version of the draft bill.

It should achieve its duty and transfer the draft bill to the Senate and later to parliament for a final vote on Thursday.

Despite trade union leaders earlier calling on the MPs to not vote in favor of the reform plan, the committee voted in favor of the most controversial article of the reform project, which raises the retirement age from 62 to 64, Le Figaro said.

Anadolu Agency
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