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Trump to announce US withdrawal from NATO before elections?

Vestnik Kavkaza – US President Donald Trump may announce the US withdrawal from NATO ahead of the November 3 elections, the former Assistant to the American President for National Security John Bolton said in an interview with the Spanish newspaper La Razon.

“There is still about three months [before the elections], and from the point of view of American politics, it is eternity. The possibility of what we call the” October surprise ” is very real. The fourth summit with [DPRK leader] Kim Jong-un may take place and the peace on the Korean Peninsula may be declared as well as an end to the nuclear weapons program, “TASS quotes Bolton as saying.

According to him, before the elections, Trump can also decide on the withdrawal of all US forces from Afghanistan or declare the country’s withdrawal from NATO.

Recall, in July, Donald Trump said in an interview with one of the observers of The Washington Post and Fox TV, a researcher at the conservative American Entrepreneurship Institute Mark Thyssen, that he did not want the US to leave NATO.

In early August, John Bolton noted in an interview with the German newspaper Handelsblatt that if he was re-elected for a second term, Donald Trump could withdraw the United States from NATO. He stressed that only a handful of Republicans approve of withdrawal from NATO, but “this barrier can be overcome” if Trump wins the November elections.

Bolton had previously presented in his book The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir details of the policy-making process in the White House over a year and a half. The 71-year-old politician, known for his conservative views, explains in 592 pages what factors influenced the formation of the foreign policy of the Trump administration and its relations with leaders of other countries.

The US presidential election will be held in November. Candidates from both parties will be formally named at the upcoming congresses in August, but today it is known that the incumbent President Donald Trump will try to win the second term representing the Republicans, and Joe Biden – the Democrats.

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