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Turkey calls for urgent international response to Haftar’s coup in Libya

Turkey Foreign Ministry has called on the international community to urgently respond to Khalifa Haftar’s move to declare himself the ruler of Libya, saying he aims to establish a military dictatorship.

In a statement on Wednesday, Turkish Foreign Ministry expressed Ankara’s desire for a political solution to the conflict and conveyed its support for the Libyan people.

“Haftar once again revealed that he does not want the crisis in Libya to be resolved via political dialogue, that he does not support international efforts in this direction, including the outcome of the Berlin Conference, and aims to establish a military dictatorship in the country.” The statement reads.

The ministry said Haftar deteriorated the humanitarian situation further with his attacks in Libya for over a year now.

It said Haftar had blocked oil production, water supply, and even prevented the supply of medical supplies needed by the Libyan people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Haftar, without a doubt, intends to establish a junta regime in Libya,” said the ministry, urging the international community to give the necessary response without further delay.

The statement added that it should not be forgotten that, in the eyes of the Libyan people, those who support Haftar, including some democratic countries, will be partners to what he did.

“Conveying Ankara’s unwavering support to the Libyan people and for efforts towards a political solution, the ministry said Turkey remains dedicated to protecting Libya’s UN-recognized Government of National Accord (GNA) and all other legitimate Libyan institutions.” The statement further adds.

On Monday, Haftar declared a coup on the Libyan Political Agreement signed in Skhirat, Morocco on December 17 2015, driven by what he said “the popular mandate to rule the country.”

His unilateral declaration was loudly rejected by both his allies and opponents, including prominent Haftar supporters like France and Russia.

Source: The Libyan Observer

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