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Turkish Armed Forces to be deployed in Kosovo upon the NATO Joint Force Command request

by AA via Daily Sabah

The Ministry of National Defense stated that after the events in Kosovo, a commando battalion was deployed upon the request of the NATO Joint Force Command, and preparations were started for the Turkish Armed Forces to be transferred to the Sultan Murat Barracks in Kosovo by June 5.

In a written statement from the ministry regarding the developments in Kosovo, it was stated that Türkiye continues to contribute to regional and global peace and stability within the scope of its United Nations, NATO, European Union and Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) missions and bilateral relations.

In this context, it was emphasized that the developments in the Balkans, where there are common historical and cultural values with Türkiye, are also followed closely.

“Türkiye displays a constructive stance and calls for restraint to the parties for the resolution of the recent events in the friendly and brotherly northern part of Kosovo, that harm regional security and stability, through dialogue,” the statement read.

“After the events in Kosovo, NATO Joint Force Command in Naples (Italy), a commando battalion affiliated to our 65th Mechanized Infantry Brigade Command (Lüleburgaz), which was previously allocated to the NATO Kosovo Force, was assigned as a reserve unit. Necessary preparations for its transfer have begun.”

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