Turkish Naval Forces receive the first delivery of ZAHA Marine Assault Vehicle

by Daily Sabah

Türkiye has completed the first delivery under the Marine Assault Vehicle (MAV) project, which is set to meet the needs of the Naval Forces Command, a senior official said Sunday.

Named ZAHA, the MAV is the latest technology amphibious vehicle designed by prominent manufacturer FNSS Defense Systems to meet amphibious operational requirements.

“We have started the deliveries of the armored amphibious assault vehicle ZAHA to the DzKK (Naval Forces Command), which will provide our marine infantry with a significant advantage in the field,” said Ismail Demir, the head of the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB).

A total of 27 vehicles are expected to be used as part of the project. Of these, 23 will be personnel, two will be the command, and two will be rescue vehicles.

“We are one of the two countries in the world with this capability with mine and armor protection, firepower and mobility capabilities,” Demir wrote on Twitter.

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