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UK to increase its military presence in the world

by Vestnik Kavkaza

The UK is going to increase its global military presence in the coming years. This is stated in the plan to modernize the ground forces of the Royal Armed Forces, published today by the country’s Ministry of Defense.

The ministry noted that this step will make it possible to respond to possible threats in different parts of the world more effectively.

According to the document named “Future Soldier”, the main “land-based regional hubs” will be based in Germany, Kenya and Oman.

In addition, a Global Response Force will be created on the basis of the 16th Airborne Assault Brigade and the 1st Army Aviation Brigade, which can be used both in the conduct of military actions and in the provision of humanitarian assistance. The Global Response Force will be reinforced with an additional motorized rifle battalion, a logistics battalion, sappers, an artillery battery and several new helicopters.

Vestnik Kavkaza
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