United Kingdom introduces new sanctions against Russian and Iranian military officials


The UK has imposed sanctions targeting 12 senior Russian commanders, three Iranian businessmen and officials, and one Iranian company in response to Russian strikes on Ukraine’s infrastructure, TASS reports.

The restrictive measures, which imply a ban on entry into the UK and freezing of assets (if any are found), have been introduced, in particular, against: Colonel General Sergey Karakaev (Commander, Strategic Missile Forces), Colonel General Mikhail Teplinskiy (Commander, Airborne Forces), Lieutenant General Mikhail Matveevsky, (Commander, Missile Troops and Artillery), Lieutenant General Nikolay Parshin (Head of the Main Missile-Artillery Directorate), Lieutenant General Alexander Sanchik (Commander, 35th Combined Arms Army), Major General Robert Baranov who, according to the British Foreign Office, heads the Main Computation Centre of the General Staff.

Restrictions were also imposed against Iran’s Oje Parvaz Mado Nafar Company, its head Yousef Aboutalebi, professor Afshin Khajeh Fard (Head of Iran Aviation Industries Organization) and Brigadier General of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Abdollah Mehrabi.

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