Situation in Syria and Iraq

US oil activities in Syria frozen

by Sputnik News

The US activities in northeast Syria were first challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic, and now have ceased because the American administration has not renewed a waiver needed to work in the oil area, Syrian Democratic Council Representative in the United States Bassam Saker, told Sputnik.
“The new administration, they told us straight away that they will never take our oil, and they are not interested in our oil, and they proved it: We had OFAC because of the Caesar act, and now the new administration, they canceled it. It means they did not give a new OFAC waiver for this company [Delta Crescent Energy] and they stopped,” he said. “They did not renew the waiver. They said it right at the high level when [US State Department official] Mr. Joey Hood visited the area.”
Saker went on to say that the Biden Administration immediately made a point that they were not there because of oil. Unlike the Trump administration which said the US was there to protect the oil.
Saker underscored that they did not need any protection of their oil fields.
“We are protecting that,” he stated. “I can say nobody will come to their area where they are, because there are the bases there.”
Saker noted that Delta Crescent Energy did not even come to the area because of the pandemic.
“They were only present there as some person, but they did not do nothing inside Syria,” he said. “But outside maybe they prepared something … I believe they lose big money for preparing this. But because of the COVID they did not do that, they couldn’t do it. Now it is OFAC. They can do nothing.”
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