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US to launch three secret space bases to track Russian, Chinese satellites

by Azerbaycan24

US plans three secret space bases in the UK to protect satellites from Russian and Chinese weapons, Report informs via The Sun.

The US Space Force is examining sites in Scotland and the south of England for a tracking installation, as well as others in Texas and Australia.

The Deep Space Advanced Radar Capability, or DARC, can spot objects the size of footballs from 22,400 miles away.

The system, which could be up and running by 2027, scours the skies for suspicious activity and dangerous space debris.

Lt Col Jack Walker, from the US Space and Missile Systems Centre, said there could be up to 16 massive satellite dishes.

Each of them would be 50ft in diameter and would be arrayed across an area the size of 150 football pitches.

Speaking at the US Space And Missile Systems Center in Los Angeles, Walker said: “It is necessary because we want to keep chain-of-custody of targets that could threaten our systems that are in geosynchronous orbit.”

“It could be satellites or it could just be debris from rocket bodies from other launches.”

He added: “We have to know what is going on up there.”

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