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US to provide $67 million additional support to Lebanese military

by Middle East Monitor

The United States will offer $67 million in additional support to the Lebanese army, bringing Washington’s total support in 2021 to $187 million, US Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland said in Beirut yesterday.

“We have provided more than $300 million in humanitarian support to Lebanon this year,” Nuland told reporters, adding “we affirmed, as usual, our unwavering support for the Lebanese Army and the Internal Security Forces. We recognize the vital role they play in maintaining security and stability here, and the difficult task assigned to them.”

“We stand by Lebanon and its serious efforts to restore economic stability and basic services including electricity, health care and education with the aim of returning this country to a sustainable path and restoring prosperity,” she said.

Nauland also stressed the importance of holding free and fair elections next spring.

Middle East Monitor
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