Venezuela Expels EU Ambassador After Sanctions Imposed

TeleSUR – The President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, within the framework of the presentation of the National Journalism Prize, denounced the interventionist actions of Spain and the European Union (EU) against the South American country. 

“I have decided to give the European Union Ambassador in Caracas 72 hours to leave our country. Enough of European colonialism against Venezuela, that’s enough!” explained Maduro. 

The measure comes after the European bloc issued sanctions against leaders who are part of the powers of the State. “Today the European Union issued a resolution sanctioning Venezuelans who, being part of state institutions, respect the Constitution, sanctioning the National Assembly leadership because it has refused to carry out orders from the EU Embassy in Caracas, “added the head of State.

“Prepare yourselves, colonialist, supremacist and racist gentlemen, because in Venezuela there are going to be free and transparent parliamentary elections with the participation of thousands of candidates,” said President Maduro.

The Venezuelan leader pointed out that Juan Guaidó and his small group continue to violate the Constitution systematically, “they do not represent even a particle of what is the democratic diversity of a country that wants a future, and that is going to conquer it,” he said.

“Every day, the American empire and the remnants of the former European empire hit us, but here we are fresh and victorious. They have not been able to and will not be able to deal with us!” denounced the Venezuelan president.

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