What We Will Remember 2019 for?

As we are approaching the New Year 2020, it is time to look back and one more time to remember what had happened in the 2019.

Still current year was quiet rich for events that shaped the international affairs and political atmosphere in the world as well as surprising moments and tragic ones.

2019 would be remembered as an year of protests, demonstrations, political turmoils that had shaken almost each corner of the world. Movements for “reforms and democratization” has been seen in Europe, South America, Hong Kong, Lebanon and Iraq as well as those driven by the nationalist and separatist sentiments, like Catalonia.

Ongoing conflicts in Syria and Libya once again had attracted the attention of the whole world, turning into obvious proxy war territories of regional and world powers. And like a cancer metastasis has effected the regional and world affairs. At the same time, the events in the Persian Gulf, rising tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia and its allies, “maximum pressure” US policy toward IRI, tankers suspension in Gibraltar and Persian Gulf, continuing war in Yemen, the drone attacks to the Saudi oil fields has even increased the “temperature” of the region.

Another region of “boiling waters” of Eastern Mediterranean, where the natural gas drill and recent maritime boundaries delimitation Turkey-Libya agreement have even worsened the foe relations between Turkey and Greece, thus effecting the unresolved Cyprus Issue.

If talking about trends, personalities and ideas that will determine the future of world affairs we have to mention the anti-globalist policies of United States, the statement of Emmanuel Macron about the “brain death” of NATO, climate change movement and Greta Thunberg, rise of individual terror attacks in New Zealand and United States, nationalism in India and xenophobia atmosphere in South Africa. The Brexit story and impeachment of Donald Trump were also the headline news with deep consequences.

Closing the year 2019 we hope for better, prosperous 2020 and better news. We thank each and everyone who was with us during this year and hope to see you alongside in coming one.



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