William Lai (Lai Ching-te) win the presidential elections in Taiwan with 40.2% of the votes

by teleSUR

The candidate of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (PDP), William Lai (Lai Ching-te), won the presidential elections in Taiwan with 40.2% of the votes, according to the latest data released by the Central Electoral Commission (CEC).

With 96% of the tables scrutinized, Lai far outnumbered the opposition candidates of the Kuomintang (KMT), Hou Yu-ih (33.4%), and the Taiwan People’s Party (PPT), Ko Wen-je (26.3%), who appeared publicly to acknowledge their defeat.

After the Lai’s victory, a spokesman from the Chinese mainland commented on Saturday the results of the elections for the leadership and legislative body of Taiwan, which won the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (PDP).

Chen Binhua, spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Bureau of the State Council, said the results reveal that the Democratic Progressive Party cannot represent the dominant public opinion of the island.

Noting that Taiwan is the Taiwan of China, Chen said the elections will not change the basic picture or the trend of development of relations between both sides of the strait.

In the other hand the leader of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (PDP) underlined his intention to “maintain peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait”, and pledged to act in accordance with the “democratic and constitutional order” of the island to maintain the “status quo” with China.

Chen Binhua added that continental China keeps it intention of a national reunification with Taiwan, and stated that those claims are still “remains consistent, and our determination is as firm as rock.”

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