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The IPE Club is students, young as well as senior researchers – based academic platform, where latest news, analysis, research, opinions and views can be exchanged and shared. Being established in 2018 by the students of International Political Economy course, the IPE Club made already its progress and gained the interest among research-interested individuals in different parts of the world. Despite our young age, the ideological roots trace back centuries ago to the foundation of first International Political Economy clubs in Europe.

Our International Political Economy Club follows the inspiration of very first Political Economy Club which was founded in 1821. Although it might not directly have its roots with, but the IPE club seeks its roots from the political economy club of London and follows the path of the latter generations.

The very first Political Economy Club was founded in London in April 1821 by Thomas Tooke who attempted to elevate prominent London figures through this club behind the principle of free trade and to asses them to have influence in parliament in order to support the 1920 London Merchants Petition. Founding members of the club included politicians, civil servants, journalists and the leaders of the Classical Schools. Prior to 19th century there were no academic societies or clubs for economists so PEC paved a way for other scientific communities to address economics and political issues. Having a closed nature, the political economy club ceased to continue profoundly however it had a domineering influence on Economics of 19th century. Nevertheless, later on other associations/clubs began to replace this club.

Another input to the institutionalization of the IPE studies was made by British International Studies Association (BISA). BISA was introduced by the British Coordinating Committee for international Studies (BCCIS) in 1973, right on the eve of rise of International Political Economy discipline and with the aim to create a multi-disciplinary forum for the study of international affairs. BISA served to address the needs and reflect the interests of academics researchers in international studies at advanced level. BISA promotes the study of International Studies, Global Politics and related subjects through teaching, research and the facilitation of contact between scholars. Moreover, the International Political Economy Group was created under the umbrella of BISA to bring together scholars and students with an interest in IPE.

In early 2000 the Center for Global Political Economy was inaugurated to fill an important gap in the theory and practice of International Political Economy. CGPE provides a forum for original interdisciplinary research on global politico- economic issues. This critical agenda has been successfully carried forward under the leadership scholars of IPE.

Understanding the importance of continuity of generations and being encouraged by the mission and visions of the predecessors we, as IPE Club, set a goal to provides a platform where young researchers and senior scholars can meet to discuss their works and experiences, to cooperate and initiate joint research, extend networks and to cultivate new generation of academic community


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