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Prime Minister Johnson reshuffled the Cabinet

by Sputnik News

Boris Johnson has been under pressure to reshuffle his Cabinet after a fraught few weeks which have included the fall of Kabul and a series of negative stories about UK schools. But who goes where in his new look Cabinet?

Dominic Raab

Dominic Raab has lost his job as Foreign Secretary after a campaign to oust him after he refused to come back from a holiday in Greece to deal with the situation in Kabul following the Taliban takeover.
But he has retained the Deputy Prime Minister role and is being given an important role as Justice Secretary, replacing Robert Buckland.
Trials are way behind schedule and some defendants have been told they will have to remain in custody until 2022 or even 2023 for their trial.
Alistair Jones, an associate professor of politics at De Montfort University in Leicester, told Sputnik: “Dominic Raab is the big one. He is moved from the Foreign Office to Justice, Lord Chancellor, and Deputy PM. He is a lawyer by training. It is a step down, although the title of Deputy PM will assuage his ego.”
Mr Jones said: “Raab has handled a number of foreign affairs badly – most notably Afghanistan withdrawal, where he went off on holiday. He has also been missing over aspects of Brexit. The civil service in the FCO (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) will be pleased to see the back of him, as there was a feeling that Raab was rather idle.”
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