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Second Berlin Conference on Libya ended

Second Berlin Conference on Libya crisis has been held today, June 23.  Conference was co-hosted by UN and Germany.

As Daily News Egypt reports, it brought together senior representatives from the governments of Algeria, China, Russia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the last of which chairs the AU Committee on Libya.

A number of countries, including: Egypt, France; Germany; Italy; Libya; Morocco; the Netherlands; Switzerland; Tunisia; Turkey; the UAE; the UK; and the US. This is in addition to representatives from the UN, the AU, the EU, and the Arab League, also have taken part in the conference.

“Conference Conclusions” named document has been issued upon the end of the conference, Libya Review reports.

Two important issues have been reflected in article 5 of “conclusions”: December 2021 elections and withdrawal of foreign mercenaries.

It was concluded that “national Presidential & Parliamentary elections scheduled for 24 December 2021 need to take place as agreed in the Roadmap adopted by (LPDF) in Tunis in November 2020, and their results need to be accepted by all”.

Parties has also concluded that they “welcome and support the 23/10/2020 Ceasefire Agreement, that inter alia calls for the withdrawal of all mercenaries & foreign fighters from Libya, strongly call on all Libyan parties to ensure its full implementation without further delay.

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